All Pendulums On Sale / Tarot Deck Deal

We have just put on sale one of our BIGGEST selling items – Pendulums. Pendulums have been around for 100’s of years for Dowsing purposes. They come in all variety of natural crystals, wood and metal. Every Pendulum comes with a velveteen pouch to carry your dowsing tool. The pendulum sale runs through Wednesday, October 20th.

Tarot Deck fans, we have a special treat for you. We just put together a kit of out of print tarot decks. This kit includes 10 tarot decks with a retail price of $251.50, available for a limited time for just $100. This kit counts as one item, so US shipping for all 10 decks is just ONE dollar… with a minimum shipping charge of $4 per order.

Also, we have added lots of new books and other items to our site this month, as always at discounted prices.

US shipping is still just one dollar per item with a minimum $4 shipping charge, BUT it includes the first 4 items. US shipping never goes over $25, even if you order 1,000 items!

As always to our international clients we will quote you shipping before we ever process your order. Pendulums are really light so the shipping will be minimal.

Thanks for your continued patronage of our family owned business.

Ed and Sonja Mondazzi, Staff and Buddy Too!