Buddy’s Holiday Dance & Sing Along

It’s that time of year again… Happy Holidays Everyone!

They brought back ElF Yourself so I decided to take part in the fun again. Here’s me doing the original dance…

And here is me being a little silly and doing some signing as well! I hope you enjoy both of these movies. (They are less than 1 minute each.) They will be available for awhile, but apparently will stop working after January 15, 2011.

OK, now back to work…
Buddy is prepared to take part in being one of our packing elves this year. He was so excited that he thought he would take a dive into one of our mail bins.

We hope you have a purr-fectly awesome holiday season and a very happy and healthy new year. We thank you for your support throughout 2010 and the 10+ years we’ve been selling online.

Ed & Sonja Mondazzi, Buddy & Staff