Thanks / Free US Shipping, ONE More Day This Friday

Buddy’s Giving You ONE more chance…
Our super popular free US shipping special returns for 1 more day, this Friday only.

We would like to thank all of you that placed orders during our Super Book Sunday special.

We are a bit delayed in processing the orders because we received so many of them that the staff is burning through their sneakers pulling all of these books. Thank you for your patience! As always, we will send you an email when we ship your order.

For those of you that missed the special because you were at parties, out skiing etc. – we are going to give all of you ONE more opportunity this Friday, February 11th.

We will start it about 1 hour early as we did this weekend and end it at midnight on the west coast. So it will start around 11 PM est on Thursday night and run until 3 AM est, Saturday, February 12th.

Buddy will post here again Thursday night once the special is running again. Then you’ll have this one last chance to get free shipping on all US orders of just $10 or more.

Thank you for you patronage

Sonja and Ed Mondazzi