Ancient Crystal Skull Max Coming to Mondazzi Book & Bead in April 2012


Mondazzi Book & Bead Warehouse Showroom is proud to announce that we will be hosting a lecture and private readings with Max, one of 13 ancient crystal skulls, at our Windsor, Connecticut showroom in April, 2012.

Believed to be thousands of years old, Max is known to be one of the most famous crystal skulls of today. Much research has been done on Max, however his origin is still a baffling mystery, he seems to defy logic. Everything that is known about lapidary work indicates that the skull should have been shattered, fractured, or fallen apart when carved.

Many people have profound visions and psychic experiences when viewing Max. Some believe Max is an intricate computer, possibly brought from another planet and that he holds knowledge about the origin of our race and the Planet Earth.

Max was given to JoAnn Parks by a Red Hat Tibetan trained Lama. JoAnn knew nothing about Crystal Skulls, so she placed Max in a box in her closet for 10 years. Through JoAnns open mind and destiny, Max the crystal skull came out of the box in the closet and into the world. JoAnn and MAX have been on a spiritual path for 27 years throughout the US and Europe, allowing people to experience, interact, and connect to self through this special tool.

To this day, Max serves as a tool of focus and service, reminding people that self and family are very important. Max is know nationally and internally and has been presented in many documentaries, newspaper articles, books and radio shows world wide.

Come and meet Max and JoAnn and hear the story of Max.

Dates: April 27, 28 and 29, 2012
Lecture Saturday 7-9 PM
Readings will begin around 3 PM on Friday
Saturday 10 AM and last one at 5:30 PM
Sunday 9 to 11 AM

Where: Mondazzi Book & Bead Warehouse Showroom
570 Hayden Station Road
Windsor, CT 06095

Private sessions are $50.00 for a 30 minute session.
Sessions with 2 to 5 people are $35 per person and they share the 30 minutes.

Lecture is $25 and this includes touching Max briefly as people leave.

Reserve Your Spot Now
Stop by the warehouse, call us at (860) 285-0538 or email us at mondazzi (at) to reserve your spot for the lecture and/or a reading. You can pay by credit or Paypal.

Saturday April 28th Max Lecture – $25

Private Session with Max April 27-29th – $50
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We have a waiting list in the unlikely event anyone cancels, but sorry, private sessions with Max are sold out.

Presented by: Connecticut Skull and Spirit Paranormal
Presented by: Visions Into The Past Paranormal
Hosted by: Mondazzi Book & Bead

Purchase the book, The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls which features Max and other skulls.

More history and a video of Max, One of 13 Ancient Crystal Skulls