Huge $2 Sale in Memory of Buddy

Dear Mondazzi Book Patrons,

We would like to start off by thanking all of you for your support over the loss of Buddy. Your many messages on our blog, Facebook and by email are so special to all of here at Mondazzi Books. We are still replying to messages every day from our incredible patrons around the world. Buddy was most certainly a special Kitty that touched so many on Earth.
Buddy from above will be our patron Kitty saint sending you our specials. The most popular special we offer is in January… but in his honor, we would like to do this special again now. We have over 800 Books, CD’s and more for just $2 each. This special is scheduled to run through Monday, March 18th.


The most sincerest appreciation to all of you for your patronage and Love of Buddy.

Sonja and Ed Mondazzi & Staff

Buddy “Resting In Peace”  Still our Internet Blogger, watches over us, and Loved by all 🙂