Huge Warehouse Liquidation Sale $1.14 & $2.14

Dear Mondazzi Book Patrons,
All day today, Saturday and Sunday we have over 900 books for just $1.14 each and 500+ books at just $2.14. (There are also a few CD’s and other items mixed in there as well.)

For the duration of this special 3 day sale we have a minimum order of just $20.14. Your total can include any items on our site, not just the sale items. Also, free shipping on US orders will still apply.

Please note that this sale will NOT be extended, though those of you on the west coast shopping late on Sunday need not worry, the sale will end well after midnight, even for you.

Due to the large number of orders sales of this size generate please allow a little extra time for your order to ship. We will however have some staff working on Sunday, so any delays should be minimized.
View Liquidation Sale Here
As always, thanks for your support,

Sonja & Ed Mondazzi and Staff