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Breaking Free of the Co-Dependency Trap
The authors’ unique, step-by-step approach to treating co-dependency has successfully helped many people overcome the devastating effects of this culturally ingrained societal problem and shows how to bring control back to an individual’s life.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Other Women
This pleasant little book is filled with reflections, wisdom and wit about women. It is an uplifting and affirming book. The stories, quotes and quips are both serious and fun

Fun With Idioms Book 1 or 2
What is an Idiom? It can be an insult – “He has more brawn than brains” or it can be a compliment – She’s a real Trooper. Idioms add life to our language. “I have ants in my Pants” Idioms can cast light on a topic and they have the POWER to add color to your vocabulary. These books are fun!

Journey an Adventure of Love and Healing
A journey of self-exploration becomes an adventure of intuition and courage for Tim, Norwegian Grete, and Daniel. They meet on a summer holiday at a spiritual community in Northern Scotland. Their Coincidences and emotions tangle as their odyssey continues through three countries.

Mother’s Book of Well-Being: Caring for Yourself So You Can Care for Your Baby
This book is compilation advice and holistic health tips that track the joys and difficulties of motherhood

Tarot: A Short Treatise on Reading Cards
This author Mathers was a prominent scholar and leader of the occult movement in Britain at the turn of the century. A lifelong fascination with mysticism and Celtic symbolism led Mathers to hold high office in the Rosicrucian Society of England, and eventually to become a founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. He is also well known for having been a key tutor to Aleister Crowley.

The Denim Diet: Sixteen Simple Habits to Get You into Your Dream Pair of Jeans
Author, Kami Gray is a TV and Film Wardrobe Stylist and author of the bestselling this book. She’s worked with SEVERAL Hollywood stars.

The Unfinished Cross: Listen to the Voice Within
Dave Austin is an International bestselling author and a highly sought after “mental performance coach” to professional athletes. As founder of Extreme Focus he is best known for his “game ready” visualizations, which have helped NFL, MLB, Olympic, and college athletes achieve extraordinary results, along with assisting business leaders and Fortune 100 and 500 companies excel to new heights

Walker Between The Worlds
Diane DesRochers from Groton, MA is high priestess of the coven AppleMoon and serves as New England Regional Director of Witches Anti-Discrimination Lobby. Leading pagan publications around the world have published poetry and articles by Diane, who holds a Master’s Degree in Psychological Counseling.

Way of Change: Finding Joy in Your Journey
Hailey Klein’s thought-provoking, revealing book contains all the insights on personal fulfillment and happiness that were ever shared with the world. From Plato to Rumi to Emerson to Ghandi, it’s all here, spoken in the words of a real, everyday person living her life with joy.

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