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Special on Popular Book, CD & Pendulum Kits

Dear Mondazzi Books Patrons:

This week we are featuring some of our own created “Kit” collections. As you know, you will always receive a deep discount on our site, but buying kits can save you even more!

Below are some of our most popular “Kits” – Whether it is books, CD’s or Pendulums, you will always save at Mondazzi Books.

12 Book Kit of Dr. Earl Mindell Health & Nutrition Books

Buddy’s 22 CD Kit

Cecilia Tan 3 Book Kit

Five Novels – Llewellyn Kit

Dark Desires of the Druids – 2 Book Set

Easy Shopper Deluxe 14 Pendulum Kit

10 Pack Amethyst/Clear Quartz Pendulums

Thank you for your patronage of our Family owned business,

Sonja and Ed Mondazzi

Mondazzi Books & Pendulums
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We have been in business since 1995 – Selling online worldwide since 2000

Summer CD Clearance Sale

We just finished doing an inventory on our CD’s. Where we could we lowered our CD prices even further! Most of our CD’s are of a Healing and Relaxation nature. They are ideal for relaxing, to meditate with, or do Yoga, massage or other body and energy work. Massage Therapists especially will love this sale as they are often looking for new music to play.

For every $20 you spend on our site, we will also gift you a FREE CD. These free CD’s will be at random and will not be duplicated in your order. For example, if you ordered the CD we won’t give you another one. If you order for example $100 of books, CD’s etc. then we will gift you 5 different CD’s. This offer will be valid through the end of the day Friday, August 17th.

For our International Clients, the above free CD’s are in ADDITION to our offer for the month of August of a free CD for every $10 in postage costs. So if you spent $60 and shipping was $20, you would get 3 + 2 for a total of 5 free CD’s added to your package.

View Our Newest Inventory

As always, thanks for your support,

Sonja and Ed Mondazzi, Staff and Buddy too!

Over 100 New Items – Books, CD’s, Jewelry,Tarot and Pendulums

Over 100 New Items – Books, CD’s, Jewelry,Tarot and Pendulums

Over 40 New Pendulums
Here are just a few of the new pendulums, including a Rose Quartz/Amethyst Wand Pendulum, our Angel Pendulum in Clear Quartz, one of many new Wooden Pendulums and our Quartz and Eye of Horus Pendulum.
We did a show over the weekend and sold several of the new Angel Pendulums

Plus free US shipping if you spend $15 is still available!
View all the new items here…
Thank you for your support,

Sonja and Ed Mondazzi, Staff and Buddy too!

Sale Extended – Books, CD’s, Incense – Only $2 Each

Buddy’s Huge $2 Sale Has Been Extended One Week
Thanks for your many orders that have continued to pour in the past few days. We are still preparing for the large shipment of new books that will be coming in early next month…

Since we need to make a LOT of room for these many new arrivals, Buddy pulled out all the stops and put well over 1,000 items on sale for just $2 each – This sale was supposed to end tonight, but Ed has decided to extend it a week. So you now have through the end of the day Monday, January 30th to grab these deals

Check out Buddy’s $2 sale…

And our Free Shipping offer on US orders of $15 or more is still valid, for a limited time!

Thanks for your support,

Sonja and Ed Mondazzi, Staff and Buddy too!

Top Seller Sale – Books, CD’s Starting at a Buck

Grab the deals on these top selling books (and a few other items) and on over 40 CD’s and DVD’s through the end of the day, next Thursday, June 30th.
View all the sale items by clicking the above banners, or the same links at the top of any page of our web site

We appreciate your support of our family business,

Sonja and Ed Mondazzi, Staff and Buddy too!