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Buddy’s CD Sale Extended Through Tuesday

New CD’s As Low As $1 Each…

Great for Relaxation, Massage, Reiki, Sleep, Meditation, Babies, Learning & More!

Buddy has decided to extend his CD Sale for 4 more days. You now have through the end of the day, Tuesday, September 7th to grab these deals on new CD’s

Here are just a few of the CD’s we’re offering:

  • Beginner’s Guide to Humor and Healing
  • Classical Music For Sleep CD
  • Ginseng CD (This is Ed’s Favorite)
  • Herbal Harmonies – 3 CD’s
  • Musical Massage (Several CD’s in Series)
  • Papa’s Lullaby – Music from around the globe
  • Soothing Music For Sleep CD
  • Ten Minutes to Relax CD
  • Uri Geller 4 CD Kit

View all of these CD’s specially priced at $1 to $4 each!

To all our friends in the US, have a happy Labor Day weekend.Our thoughts and prayers are also with all those dealing with hurricanes, earthquakes and more around the world. 

Thanks for your continued support,
Sonja and Ed Mondazzi, Staff and Buddy too

CD Blow Out Sale – New CD’s as low as $1 each

We just completed a CD inventory and now we need to move a lot of brand new CD’s that are all original recordings direct from the manufacturer. (I share this with you because of the bootleg / counterfeit CD’s in our world.)

These CD prices are CRAZY, many just $1 per CD! Now you can afford to get fresh Massage Music, Yoga and Mediation Music and for your other relaxation activities. The most common question we receive on our music is “What does it sound like?” Everyone has different tastes so my answer is always “These are low risk purchases because even if one CD isn’t to your liking, you paid so little compared to the stores, you will still be very much ahead.”

We have 19 CD’s with values to $16.95 for just $1 each. We also have other CD’s and multi-CD sets for $2 and $4.

Shop early because we may sell out of some of these titles. Shipping is still ONE dollar per item with the $4 minimum, BUT it includes the first 4 items in your cart. This sale ends on September 3rd.

International clients will make out on this sale because CD’s are really light. We will quote you shipping on all order before we ever process your order.

As always we thank everyone for your continued patronage AND for sharing our emails with your friends in your E-address book!

The Best,

Sonja and Ed Mondazzi, Staff and Buddy too!