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12 Book Kit of Dr. Earl Mindell Health & Nutrition Books

Dr. Earl Mindell Book Kit 12 Great Health Books, Just $12

Recently at a Health Expo I had a customer ask me if I had any Dr. Earl Mindell health books? I did have them for this customer which lead into a conversation on how valuable his books were.

Dr. Mindell is recognized as one of the nation’s leading writers on Nutrition and Health. These books present a practical program for guarding and improving your health.

So with this said, I am putting these books on sale on our site. It is a kit of 12 different booklets that Dr. Mindell has written over the years. This kit of 12 books is only $12.00.

The 12 books are:
“What You Should Know about Herbs for Your Health”
“What You Should Know about Fiber and Digestion”
“What You Should Know about Natural Health for Women”
“What You Should Know about 22 Way for a Healthier Heart”
“What You Should Know about Hair Skin and Nail”
“What You Should Know about Super Antioxidant Miracle”
“What You Should Know about Better Nutrition for Athletes”
“What You Should Know about Nutrition for Active Life Styles”
“What You Should Know about Trace Minerals”
“What You Should Know about Natural Health for Men”
“What You Should Know about Creating Your Personal Vitamin Plan”
“What You Should Know about Homeopathic Remedies”

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Maximum Healing Book by Ed’s Doctor

I would like to share with all of you what I believe is valuable Health information about my Doctor who I believe is the undiscovered Medical expert that many of us long for in our life of wellness. Dr. Robert Silverstein, a cardiologist, nutritionist and much more, has been my doctor for over 4 years. I credit him with adding many years to my life. His decades of studying the body and how it can heal itself with nutrition is available on Youtube and in a book that is coming out this fall.

There is a lot I would like to share with you… and I will be in future blog posts. Now I would like to share a Youtube.com link to TV shows he has produced for Public television. (That link is to one video, there are right now 12 other short video’s there as well.)

Dr. Silverstein has written a book called Maximum Healing: Optimize Your Natural Ability to Heal that North Atlantic Books has published which will be released on Amazon.com on September 21st.

If you are not already aware, North Atlantic Books is a leading publisher in Integrative healing, health and nutrition. For them to publish this book is a huge endorsement of the life saving information that will now be available in paperback.

My goal is to make this book a #1 seller on Amazon for at least one day! If you do have an interest in this book, please wait to order it on September 21st. You can add it to your favorites, but please don’t pre-order.

I believe in this Doctor, his life saving experiences and his book so much I am going to give you $11.43, the price of the book, back to you as a credit on my website. Details to follow – Please wait to order. (If I only knew someone out there that could get this book on Oprah!)


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Maximum Healing: Optimize Your Natural Ability to Heal
ISBN-10: 1556439229 ISBN-13: 978-1556439223