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Llewellyn Book Sale / $1 Books / Lots of New Items

Llewellyn Book Sale Returns
– 100’s of Books starting at $1 –

Our ever popular Llewellyn Book Sale is back! We currently have 319 titles on sale with prices starting at just $1 (60 titles) and hundreds more from $1.50 to $6… with a few a bit more. This sale will run through Monday, October 24th.
Ongoing $1 Book Sale

The Fall Into Savings Clearance Sale continues our ongoing $1 Book Sale with over 500 titles at just a buck each!
Lots of New Items

We have lots of new items added to our site this month. Here are just a few of the latest additions.
47 Brand New & Back in stock Pendulums
White Sage Large Smudge Sticks
Lavender Satchets
7 Sparkle Bracelets
5 Rune Sets
7 Malas
A few misc Buddha Beads

View all the new items here.
Out of Print Tarot Deck Kits

A few years back I purchased several out of print tarot decks and made up a kit of 10 decks. Now that the world’s supply is running out on some of these decks, the international world market price is spiking.

I have just nine of these tarot kits left in our warehouse and have them still listed for $171.50 for all 10 decks and only 1 dollar US shipping (Usual $4 min. per order). This still reflects 32% off the retail price. When I run out of these kits I will have to raise the price on the next set of kits. So if you want to enhance your collection of tarot decks with hopes that these out of print decks will continue to go up in value, please order them now.


Sonja & Ed Mondazzi, Staff and Buddy 
PS: For those of you in Manhattan or the Philadelphia area, we’ll be coming to your city to do shows the next two weekends. See our show schedule for details.

440 Llewellyn Books & Tarot Decks on Sale through March 24th

We have finished adding a lot of new books to our site and put many of them, and 100’s of other books and tarot decks, on sale. Many of these titles are priced between $1.50 and $6 each… though some titles are priced higher, of course.

This Llewellyn Book & Tarot Deck Sale will run through the end of the day Thursday, March 24th.

As always you can view our newest inventory here. We’ve added over 200 new items so far this month!

Our pendulum clearance sale has been very popular. We have 50 pendulums offered at 50% off – While they last!
View discontinued pendulum designs
As always, thanks for your patronage
Sonja and Ed Mondazzi, Buddy & Crew
PS: For those of you living in or around Manhattan, we’ll have a large booth once again this weekend at the New Life Expo. If you go to the show, be sure to stop by our booth on the 3rd floor and say Hi. Sorry, Buddy won’t be coming.

Buddy Has 392 Llewellyn Books on Sale

It’s back again, Buddy’s ever popular Llewellyn Book Sale. This time he has 392 titles in a wide range of topics.
Most titles are priced at just $1.50 to $7 each. A few titles are priced higher and one title is just $1.
Oh, and there are a few tarot decks in there too!

Llewellyn Book Sale

This sale runs through the end of the day, next Tuesday, September 21st.
Start shopping Buddy’s latest book sale here… 
Thanks for your continued support,

Sonja and Ed Mondazzi, Staff and Buddy too!