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Donations in Memory of Buddy and He’s Still Bringing Us Birds

Dear Mondazzi Book Patrons,

As many of you know by now, we lost our warehouse kitty cat and staff member, Buddy Mondazzi, after a courageous battle with cancer. We miss him dearly and know he’s watching over all of us. A special thank you to the 100’s of people who sent condolence messages.

Donations in Memory of Buddy


Many of you have asked if donations are being accepted in his honor. This can be done through Buddy’s favorite charity, CT Cat Connection. Donations of Purina Complete Dry Cat Food (Blue Bag) and Friskies canned food are welcome as well. These items can be dropped-off at CT Cat Connection or here at Mondazzi Books. Our address is here. For those not in Connecticut, they accept Paypal donations here on their web site.

Buddy Still Brings Us Birds

Well, even though Buddy has left us on the plane, he is still bringing in the birds from outside. Buddy used to bring in birds unharmed to give to us. Yesterday a bird flew in, made its way to the ceiling and fell down the wall.

Stan, an awesome person, came to the rescue and cut the wall open and freed the bird. It was as easy as I just made it sound, he had to listen for the bird as so not to open all the walls and then not hurt Tweedy with the saw. All ended well and the bird flew away. Thanks Buddy for visiting.


Sonja and Ed Mondazzi & Staff

Buddy Is Watching Over Us Now


It comes with great sadness to share that Buddy Mondazzi, our warehouse kitty cat and staff member has lost his battle with cancer. We all know that he is still here watching over us because I have seen him several times in just a day.

The uplifting story of his final months:

Sarah and Mike, as you may well know, are our two managers that took Buddy into their own homemade Hospice care. Instead of leaving Buddy overnight in the warehouse Mike and Sarah took Buddy home almost every night and on Sundays when we were closed. He would ride on Mike’s lap in his Honda Element to Mike’s house. When Buddy arrived at Mike’s house, Buddy would jump out of the car and walk into his home away from home. On these rides, Buddy brought many smiles to travelers for Buddy would raise his head off Mike’s lap and send a smile to the car next to them. Sarah and Mike are truly Earth Angels.

Buddy has a HUGE global presence from his Blog and pictures on the Internet. If you Google Buddy Mondazzi, you will see so many pages and pictures of our beloved Buddy. We’ve posted more pictures below…


Buddy hanging out in his Bed (with a pet warmer blanket) in the main office was a sight that now reminds us of our loss but also reminds us of the many memories of our Friend.

Thank you to all for the well wishes during this time,

Sonja And Ed Mondazzi & staff…

Mike W, General Manager & Scientifically proven to be “Calmer” than Ed AND an Undiscovered Singer that will Knock your socks off when he sings!
Leda, Shipping Expert & “Commentator on Everything!”
Sarah, Still “Smarter” than Ed
Terrie, Our warehouse Mom with the voice of reason
Travis, High school senior reminding the older staff of our youth
John, Computer IT genius, Proofs Ed’s emails to all of you
Sonja, Wife of Ed, much “Better Looking” than Ed
Ed, No one Knows what Ed does but he looks busy all the time:)

Buddy “Resting In Peace” Still OUR Internet Blogger, watches over us, and Loved by all 🙂