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A Special Message from Ed Mondazzi

Dear Mondazzi Book Patrons,

Our patrons are all over the world and don’t know me personally other than the interaction with Mondazzi Books. Our local customers that do know me are all asking me how I was able to lose all the weight that is really obvious when you see me now. My weight issue has been a problem for my entire life. I would easily be called a yo-yo dieter.

Two years ago I met a person at a Health Expo in Philadelphia, PA that asked me a question that I had no idea would lead me into a final resolve for my weight issue. She asked me “Why are you drinking a diet cola at a health expo?” Long story short – she is a specialist on Healthy eating and we became friends. Her approach over the next 2 years showed me a totally new way to Get HEALTHY. This healthy lifestyle is endorsed by my doctor. I felt it so important to share with others that I created a YouTube channel called FunEddie, that’s my nickname and I would like to share it with all of you. (Be sure to start at the bottom, Chapter 1.) My 55 pound (24 Kilos) was not difficult to lose and I hope it may help any of you in my former situation.

Always consult your physician before beginning any weight loss or exercise program, I did. If you wish to email me with any questions or suggestions, I am always available and always looking to learn more.

Chapter 1 in my health video series

The below link is a great resource for you to read about ways to increase your Health. Let’s all take CHARGE of our own health and no longer be led by Marketing Strategies for us to consume less than Healthy products.

Health and Healing Books

Thanks for supporting our family business,

Sonja & Ed Mondazzi and Staff

Mondazzi Books & Pendulums
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Windsor, CT 06095

Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of Comfort

Allen and Linda Anderson, speakers, authors, and founders of the Angel Animals Network, help people discover and benefit from the miraculous powers of animals. They are dedicated to promoting human-animal companionship and the idea that pets are family.

Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of Comfort

Angel Animals

Some of their many books. -Click image to visit their web site.

Wow, they sure have written a lot of very cool animal books! Kudos to Allen and Linda for all their hard work. Right now we have several of their books in stock in our animal books section. Of course we even have my favorite, Angel Cats: Divine Messengers Of Comfort.



Buddy Mondazzi’s Workout / Vision Test

In this video I’m taking a break to watch the mouse move across the computer screen. It’s a tough job, but someone has to help amuse the humans.

Well, break’s over… I hope you enjoyed this short video of me. I’m off to packing book orders for our awesome customers. Cool, this next order has some incense and pendulums in it, too. Mike, can you help me please, I can’t reach those shelves.