Buddy Caught Sleeping

I have no idea how my humans got this picture? I mean the lights are on, so clearly it was a work day and I was working… I know it looks like I’m sleeping, but there’s no way. LOL

Sweet dreams,


All Incense Orders Doubled through March 9th

Get your favorite incense and/or try some new scents… and Buddy will double your order.

Through the end of the day Tuesday, March 9th Buddy will double every order of incense. Order 1 package, you’ll get two. Order 5, he will send you 10. Order 25, 50… how ever many you want (no limit) and Buddy and all his wonderful co-workers will double your order. You pay the shipping on what you order and we’ll even pick up the shipping on the bonus items.

The bonus items will not show up in your shopping cart, but all incense items on your order will be doubled. (There are a few non-incense items on these pages such as candles, this offer is not valid on them, just the incense.)

Please note this offer will not be extended.
This deal will expire next Tuesday night.

Order now before Ed finds out that I’m posting this message. : )

Purrs to you all,

Buddy Mondazzi and all his amazing co-workers

Welcome to our new blog

Hi everybody,

Wow, time sure does fly! This may be the first post on this blog, but I’ve actually been blogging for just over 5 years! It’s true, my first post was February 28, 2005. You can see all my previous posts on our old blog right here.

I used to use Blogger to maintain this blog, however they were about to make some changes and get rid of a feature (that not many people used) but cool cats like me did use. Bottom line was that I’d be unable to keep things running smoothly after the change. So, I figured it was a good time to switch to Word Press. Besides, I’ve got so many more cool features now. Truth is I should have made the switch sooner – well, now I have.

Keep purring,